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Majuro – cont’d

September 11, 2011

551 lb marlin – Bill Fish Tournament winner

Am sure many are wondering why we haven’t moved on from Majuro. Can’t say it’s a paradise but there are some things going on that we’re staying around for. Of course there’s always the fishing.  Can’t say we caught this monster tuna but sure helped consume some of the 551 lbs.  This was the overall winner for the Marshall Islands Bill Fish Tournament held last weekend.  Lots of tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo and marlin caught by teams from Japan, Marshall Islands and the U.S. An exciting day for fisherman but a sad day for vegetarians!


Here’s the head – where’s my body?

The other reason for a delayed departure is due to the fact our cruising buddies Richard and Lee on Before are here and it’s great catching up to all our sailing since last seeing them in San Francisco last November.  Once we leave here we may or may not see them as we move eastwards.  Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing to do so I guess we’re just reluctant to say good-bye.

The ITCZ continues to plague the anchorage. Today, while ashore one squall with rain shower went by and in the last 4 hours it’s gone from beautiful sunshine with a nice breeze to black and blasting winds and tropical downpour 3 times. Routine is to put on the bathing suit, go out in the rain for a shower after closing all the hatches and then wait 10 minutes and open it all up again. Of course, this changes again in about 30 minutes as the clouds start to gather again and move across the lagoon.  One of the best activities here is to watch the proas making their way through the anchorage.  There is a ‘Canoe House’ where they train young Marshallese in the fine art of canoe building.

Canoe House

There are many types of canoes and I’ve only got pictures of a few here.

More proas

Playing at the docks

Model proa under construction

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  1. Sue D. permalink
    September 11, 2011 18:05

    Heli-hunting is illegal for land animals, why is it allowed for commercial tuna fishing? –this wholesale pillage of tuna stock with more & more efficient technology has been going on for 30 years and is disgusting.

  2. Admiral Wayno happily stuck in the tropics... permalink
    September 12, 2011 05:29

    Wow Sue, what a voice!
    T&C, keep these wonderful foto-stories coming. But hey, real vegetarians don’t eat fish flesh. You guys should head west, eh.

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