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Preparing Sage for offshore

August 25, 2010

Phew, it’s hectic.  Everyone is pitching in with Pam madly sewing and getting frustrated with sewing and sending messages like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh’, Dale sending messages like ‘I think I need to take part in some more uplifting activities. Between putting together the first aid kit and ditch bag along with instructions I am getting quite a jaundiced view of the whole voyage’.  That was later rescinded by a later e-mail with a much more positive perspective.

I am so proud of the crews attitudes especially after exposing them to a very rough trip up the west coast with 25-35 knot NW winds making it a very challenging trip.  Both Dale and Pam returned from the gruelling trip more excited about heading off to Hawaii.  Well time is closing fast and we’re working hard.  Should be leaving on the weekend of September 11/12 if everything goes well.  Heading over to  Port Angeles on Thursday to pick up Dave and Marcia – looking forward to the visit.  PIctures to follow shortly…..

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  1. August 30, 2010 01:17

    You can doooo eeet!

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