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Still in San Francisco

November 16, 2010

It’s truly an amazing place with much to see and much to do and all with a climate which so far has proven to be exceptional by Pacific North West standards.  Yes, there’s rain but within a day or two it’s sunny again and in the low 20s  — perfect for working on small boat projects and for getting out and exploring.

Of Course,  there’s the whole of San Francisco to see.  Just a few of the sites I’ve managed to take in include:

Alcatraz – see only from the water but that’s about as close as I want to get.  Creepy looking place and am sure not a place one would feel very comfortable tying up to the dock at.  Certainly stands out in the harbour and can’t be ignored and totally understandable as to why few, if any escaped incarceration.  Current runs strong, temperature of the water is not tropical and am sure a person in an orange jumpsuit floating in the water would stand out as a hazard to navigation!

Photo here was taken just to the east and on my way to Sausalito.

Relaxing at the Sausalito Yacht Club

Escaped mooring buoy – Sausalito Yacht Club – San Francisco


Taking a close look at the chain you can see the difference in size between one link and the next. Due to corrosion and a lack of maintenance a link broke almost resulting in the destruction of someone’s dream.  And this one wasn’t the link that broke!

Cannery Row with Richard and Lee

Back to other places I’ve seen in San Francisco and environs.  Made a trip to Monterey and the site of Cannery Row with a couple of friends, Richard and Lee.

Of course, all being sailors we can’t resist a visit to the Pt. Pinos lighthouse which just happens to be very close to the most exclusive golf club in America i.e. Pebble Beach

Point Pinos Lighthouse – Monterey


Next – a visit with Char to Sacramento to experience the monthly (first Wednesday of each month) open art gallery event.

Char and Rhonda at the gallery – Sacramento

It’s a great event that happens monthly and all the art galleries remain open until about 9p.m. serving light appetizers and welcoming people into their respective galleries.  It’s become very popular and makes downtown Sacramento hum every second Wednesday evening of the month.  A great idea that perhaps other communities can learn from.

We also took advantage of our time in Sacramento to visit Sutter’s fort which is close to downtown Sacramento and was an intriguing glimpse into life in the early 1800’s in Sacramento.

Sutter’s bell – dinner time?

A dinner cruise?

 Okay – this is it for now  – getting close to american thanksgiving and am sure there are will be lots of turkey tales (tails) to tell about a Canadian’s experience of an American thanksgiving.  Till then – have a great week.

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  1. Hee permalink
    April 1, 2011 22:43

    Tony and Connie: Elsie passed the blog to me and I only read a bit of it and scanned through the pictures. I’ll read more when I get home (I’m at the office now). It looks like you’re both having a great time. You look healthy and happy. All I can say is keep on smiling and enjoying the sun!

    Take care, Hee

  2. karen permalink
    April 4, 2011 23:18

    to the blogster,

    i particular like the one with the purple crown!

  3. John Middleton permalink
    April 26, 2011 15:29

    Hi Tony and Connie, finally found your blog. Wondered what had happened to you and am thrilled to live vicariously thru your amazing adventures. I’m still enjoying retirement and will be launching our boat soon to do some local cruising this summer. We were in Cabo last Dec and your right what a zoo ($140/nite to tie up? – wow!!) Take care of yourselves and have a great time!

    • May 2, 2011 04:16

      Thanks John – hope you have some great summer sailing and perhaps you may be somewhere close to where we are and come and visit. All the best

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