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Christmas in Palau

December 22, 2011

Entering Palau Pass

Can you believe it? We made it. We arrived here yesterday just in time to join in the holiday season celebrations. We are very happy to be in and out of the rain and wind. We arrived yesterday and in the little we’ve seen since we arrived Palau has changed a lot.

We used to think that getting to a destination was half the fun. However, we now know that the destination is everything. At least that’s been our recent experiences.

We’re going to be here for a while. The internet is not exactly fast so don’t send a lot of pictures if you’re thinking of doing so as it takes too long to download. However, we would love to hear from you.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season and that the New Year brings you many wonderful surprises and adventures. When I have some more internet time will add to the blog and update on our recent comings and goings. Till then all the best to everyone.

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  1. Admiral Wayno permalink
    December 23, 2011 00:15

    Well done you two. Jesse and I spending the holiday together.
    Happy Christmas!

  2. Anne Boldt permalink
    December 23, 2011 03:21

    Hola you 2, What will your Xmas feast look like in Palau? Any turkeys running around?
    We will be sharing a pot luck dinner with about 80 others on our park malecon. There are 4 trukeys in various fridges about the the park so it should be the usual festive fare.
    So glad you arrived safe and sound? Merry ho ho and talk to you later when you get your land legs.
    Love Annie B and Lornie D

  3. Janis La Couvée permalink
    December 23, 2011 07:31

    The happiest of holidays Tony and Connie! I finally subscribed to blog updates, so I can stay in touch more frequently.

    Elliott is home for a few days from Toronto, and my nephew is here from Lao, so it will be a very special Christmas dinner with close family on the 24th, then off to Frans’ family on the 25th.

    We have plans to head up Island to visit more family during the coming week.

    Enjoy getting settled into Palau!

    Wishing you much light, love and laughter for the coming year.


  4. Sue D. permalink
    December 23, 2011 07:39

    Yay! So glad to hear you’re in Palau, was starting to wonder 🙂 We are in full throes of Xmas prep, hope yours is not rainy & full of love…we are certainly sending it your way xxxxx Sue & Miranda

  5. Louise permalink
    December 23, 2011 13:21

    Merry Christmas to you both! So glad you’ve made it safely and have started to celebrate the season. I have three Xmas dinners lined up, one at Iain’s parents’ tonight, one I’m hosting for nephews and friends tomorrow, and then Louise M’s place on Xmas Day.

    I like the sound of Lorne and Anne’s intimate potluck for 80.

    Here’s some recent bird news about Palau

    “A new paper published in the journal PLoS ONE by BirdLife scientists, identifies those forests that appear to be the most important for bird species, and are in most urgent need of conservation.

    “The top three areas, according to our assessment are the forests of Hawaii; Palau in the Pacific; and the forests of the tropical African islands of São Tomé, Príncipe and Annobón”, said Dr Stuart Butchart, BirdLife’s Global Research and Indicators Coordinator. “Protecting these habitats is one of the 10 key actions identified by BirdLife to prevent further bird extinctions.””


  6. John Middleton permalink
    December 23, 2011 13:50

    Glad you made it safe and sound! We’d heard there was a Typhoon out that way. Weather is mild here. No White Xmas this year! Dryest Dec in years. Merry Christmas and hope Santa finds you way out there.

  7. December 26, 2011 08:16

    Merry Christmas from La Paz!

  8. Laura Ahearn permalink
    January 8, 2012 21:19

    Hi Connie & Tony — Where do you find the time to do a blog like this? Hope all is well back in Paradise. Did you end up puppy-sitting Jordy, and if so did that go OK? Cheers, Laura

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