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Parsley,sage, rosemary and thyme

July 17, 2013

Out of all of the above the only herb prolific here that Canadians would be familiar with is parsley.So, on a day when there wasn’t much happening on the hard I decided that a visit to the wet market would be a good idea. Needed to add to supplies anyway and once I got to the local market most of the fish stalls were closing down but there was plenty available in the vegetable section.

Walking through I got this brilliant idea that I should haul out my Japanese drying rack and dry some parsley seeing as there were mounds available.

So, off I trundled with a huge bag of parsley and drove back thinking we had at least a months supply of parsley if my dryer would work.

So, cutting up the parsley I proceeded to load up the dryer and sat back with a smug look on my face thinking of all the herbes de provence that went mouldy while we were away in India. It seemed that no matter what we opened when we returned had kind of turned to a green mush – oatmeal, herbs, cereal, granolas etc etc

So there was the parsley hanging up in the cockpit and the first night the rain pelted down but I smugly felt it was OK because the dryer was hanging up in a protected area. The next day more rain, no wind, and second day the same and the third day the same etc etc

Parsley in the dryer. Not successful but it was fun to try.

Parsley in the dryer. Not successful but it was fun to try.

Well after 5 days there was little dried parsley. Yes, it was starting to shrivel up and fall through the screening onto our newly painted cockpit but it was not ready for storage. And after five days I called it quits.

Three days later the sun came out full strength, the wind freshened but the parsley had long been thrown into the dustbin. I guess will just have to wait for the NE Monsoon when conditions may be ideal for drying foods.

I have yet to try any fish or meat but am dying to do so but not here!

 Yes, that is a bar fridge next to the dryer. Right now our only fridge since we are hooked up to 240V

Yes, that is a bar fridge next to the dryer. Right now our only fridge since we are hooked up to 240V. And there is our new cockpit fan. Yes, even outside we need a fan as rarely is there a breeze of any significance at this time of the year except when the rain squalls arrive and it blows for 10 minutes

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  1. Pam Bryden permalink
    July 18, 2013 01:53

    Thank goodness on this side of the tropics we do have air, most times, the joy of being on the pacific. We have entered the heavy part of the rainy season. Hellacious thunder storms, sheets of rain. You can watch things grow.
    I love the dryer. I’m going to look for one of those!

  2. Wayno permalink
    July 18, 2013 02:31

    Why not paint those toe nails? Micro scenes of your area, perhaps.

  3. Anne Boldt permalink
    July 22, 2013 10:47

    Get your next N.American visitors to bring you some herbs why not?
    Annie B.

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