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November 20, 2017

Final departure was a relief. Work stopped on the boat and the summer months of improving many small things onboard has finally ended and we can look forward to the rewards. I liken it to having a house and being able to see the flowers in full bloom, the vegetables thriving and the summer project completed. Kick back, pull out the lawn chair and pick up a good drink in the left hand and a book in the right.

Well, sailing is a little like that but it can have a bumpy road. Our first bump came in the first anchorage of Tyrell Bay in Cariacou when the alternator quit as we arrived and then the engine starter quit. I won’t say I put my drink down but I was stressed. Over a few days and a few less hairs as well as some help from some fellow sailors we’re back on route again and continuing northward albeit slowly.

Anchorages become a blur when each night sees us in a different place. Hillsborough, Petit St. Vincent, Clifton and soon Petit Rameau, Baradal and Bequia. Exotic? A little, but then everywhere is somewhat exotic for us as it’s another place to ‘drop the hook’ and explore.

November is quiet. We are travelling through areas we last visited in March and July but it’s much quieter and laid back. The towns aren’t as frenetic to serve the tourists, the anchorages are quieter and the assortment of veggies not as numerous. Europeans are here on the charter boats taking advantage of the discounted prices at low season and many of the more permanent cruisers haven’t left the southern islands of Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada for points north.

The weather is better as well. There is clarity in the air and the temperatures are starting to moderate although for Canadians that may sound odd as temperatures in the daytime are still in the low 30s and nightime in the high 20s. How are we ever going to adapt to living in Canada again?

In the meantime we will enjoy the Kiteboarding in Ashton  (click to view video) right off of Sage’s bow. Actually it should read ‘kiteboarding in Clifton’.

Overlooking Clifton Harbour on Union Island


Shopping at the one-stall market in Clifton

Hillsborough anchorage

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  1. Wayno permalink
    November 20, 2017 20:27

    I quite liked this one. Didn’t put that drink down, eh. Haha… You sailors have a wonderful fellowship (sorry, couldn’t resist the play on words). So you are intending to go and live in Canada, eh. Good luck with that, mate.

  2. November 20, 2017 23:01


    What size fish are those kiteboarders catching? Do they have a hook tied to their bottom?

    Looks lovely. The next 5 days of solid rain are starting tonight.
    Fairwinds! 30 degrees huh?

    Grin and bare it.

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