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Back to Sea

July 27, 2018

“Travelling is not just seeing the new; it’s also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return. But the place you have left forever is always there for you to see whenever you shut your eyes.”

Jan Myrdal

Why is it we travel? Certainly it’s not because we crave creature comforts. There are certainly very few creature comforts spent in a 250 square foot space (that’s probably overstating the space we have onboard). The constant attention to keeping a boat in good enough shape to cross an ocean safetly wears one down but then I think it’s better than having to go out and cut the grass!

So, we’re headed out to sea having gone up the Chesapeake and then down the Delaware River to Cape May.

Cape May viewed from the Delaware River

Above is Cape May as we approach from the west and see the Atlantic once again. We’ve motored a lot in the east coast and this was no exeception. We motorsailed down the Delaware from the Chesapeake- Delaware Canal, a 45 mile jaunt with currents to fight all the way, or, if you’re lucky, you get to use the currents in your favour. For us we had a little of both; the current against us and the current behind us.

With fading light and fading winds we pulled into Cape May and anchored….

Rounding Cape May

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  1. Judi Klontz permalink
    July 27, 2018 10:22

    I hope your next chapter is a great one.

  2. Darrel and Loretta Smith permalink
    July 27, 2018 10:37

    I love the quote. We’re no longer sailing, but travelling lots. Always saying goodbye to people and places we’ll never see again. Always facing new challenges and always trying to figure out how to live life to the fullest. Tonight we are enjoying a full moon and hoping to see a full eclipse at 0230h. And tonight we are also enjoying an update from friends who are living a life that we once cherished. We love hearing from you. L&D xx

  3. John & Judie Abel permalink
    July 27, 2018 10:57

    I think we may have almost bumped into each other somewhere in the early spring. We just did the trip you are doing in the other direction. Left Halifax last October and traveled down the east coast, through much of the ICW, across the Gulf Stream from Miami to Bimini, through the Bahamas and down to Puerto Rico, and now our boat is holed up in Grenada for hurricane season.

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