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Just a Few Pictures

June 15, 2019

While in Newport we visited 2 mansions – first a summer home (called The Breakers) of the Vanderbilt family and then the summer home (called Rough Point) of Doris Duke (back in Hawaii we had visited another home of Doris Duke called Shangri-la)

This is the kitchen in the home of the Vanderbilts

This is the kitchen in Doris Duke’s home

So many beautifully restored older homes in Newport. It’s great to just take a few hours and wander the back streets f Newport to enjoy the efforts gone in to maintaining the ‘old’ Newport

And for those of you with deep pockets you can always join the New York Yacht Club. This is one of their shabbier outstations

Connie mailing several of those oh so important post cards off to friends and family

X marks the spot. One had better get out of the way even if you can’t see the ship

Damn things are everywhere. There’s hardly a minute out on the water that one doesn’t see one of these floats (photo by Connie)

Can think of a number of men who would love to participate in this elder care program

Politics is never far away. Here Connie is celebrating the fact that her letters regarding a lack of hot water at the municipal mariners centre met with success. After 10 days we were finally paying our US$1.75/7 minutes and actually getting steady hot water. Thank you Newport Municipal Hall

Of course I have to end the post with a picture of boats. This was amazing as every boat in this Newport boatyard, except this yellow one, was worth at leat $5 million dollars. But this guy was almost oblivious to the contrast as he was happily sanding away on the hull.

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  1. WILLIAM MCDOWELL permalink
    June 15, 2019 23:00

    Hola Tony y Connie thank you for your Newport pictures such a pleasent place and a lot of yachting history too enjoy Bill

  2. Nives permalink
    June 16, 2019 07:03

    Beautiful pictures ! ☺️

  3. Judi K permalink
    June 16, 2019 19:53

    Where is the ‘like’ button for those images…..

    • June 18, 2019 18:01

      No-one likes anything so no point on a ‘like’ button!Tony GibbPh:

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