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March 17, 2011

Carnaval La Paz 2011


Carnaval La Paz

Carnaval time in La Paz.  Everyone’s rushing out before the beginning of Lent to have a good time!  Last night, March 8th was the last night for Carnaval – 3 huge parades, 7 stages, numerous been tents and circus rides for all.

Balloon man

La Paz Carnaval – having fun

No matter where you go during the 5 days or Carnaval people are having fun.  Despite what the Nordo Americano press have to say about Mexico these days is still a fantastic and safe place to visit.  Despite the copious consumption of alcohol on the streets people were civil and out to enjoy themselves.  We saw no fights but plenty of people well oiled and still wanting to dance.  Music went on till 4 in the morning, the street was clean by 7a.m. and everyone started to party all over again.


3 carnaval queens – Karen (Connie’s sister), Jeannette (from S/V Tauhara and Connie)

La Paz is never boring.  Following carnaval we have more guests, more adventures and as always things to fix on the boat!

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