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April 10, 2013

Whoa now, this is something completely different. Very few westerners, traffic that roars, screams, screeches, honks and uses humans like soccer balls. Try crossing a rounabout with no pedestrian crossings, no lanes and motobikes, tuk tuks, trucks and buses roaring from all directions.

And where are all the women? The metro we rode on tonight was 98% men and then we heard this announcement about how it was an offense for men to enter in to the women only coach. You can imagine what Connie had to say about riding the metro. However, the restaurant we sat in for dinner was also 90% men?

Today? Arrived at 0430hrs., checked into hotel, meeting at the American Embassy School at 1000hrs., walk around Connaught Square and finally crash for 2 hours before venturing out on the metro to look for a place for dinner.

Tomorrow? Sightseeing and focusing on only one of the 6 cities that make up Delhi. This is all too much for sailors who are used to a lazy life in anchorages!

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  1. Raewyn permalink
    April 10, 2013 11:11

    Soldier on and keep us posted! Stay close together too…

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