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Rajasthan – palm trees and wheat

April 16, 2013

We are on our way from Delhi to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Heading out of Delhi we cross over the Jumna River, the lifeblood for the city. The city slowly gives way to the suburbs, the suburbs to industry, industry to hi tech mini cities and finally hi tech mini cities to farmland. Of course much of this is accented by huge shopping malls and the odd concentration of hi rise apartment blocks.

What becomes most impressing are the wheat fields on both sides of the freeway. It is almost harvest time. Scarecrows hover over the fields while egrets fly beside the river looking for the next feeding hole.

It is harvest time. Colourful saris dot the landscape fluttering in the light breeze. Bundles of wheat are gathered in lines across the fields. On closer inspection one realizes that as you speed by on the private freeway these bundles are not the result of the work of machines but rather the handi work of individual labourers. It means the last 40 kilometres of wheat fields are hand cut. Small groups of workers canbe seen in the fields cutting the wheat then the threshing begins. Thankfully, I am sure, the threshing is done by machine. But the cutting, bundling, gathering is all done by human labour. I feel like I am in a time travelling tube looking out on something the western world has not seen in 100 years. Truly amazing.

And then there was Agra and the Taj Mahal






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  1. WILLIAM MCDOWELL permalink
    April 16, 2013 05:12

    hi Tony and Connie, Welcome to the real Asia we have seen what you are viewing . Lisa and I have seen this in the Philippines and in South Vietnam . The city layout is typical old in the city center and the modern development on the out skirts with farming being done by hand. Enjoy the sites and smells as you both travel along to Rajasthan . Cheers for now , Bill.

    • Anne Boldt permalink
      April 16, 2013 16:22

      Oh you guys,
      So great to see Gail found you in all that chaos.
      Love the blogs!
      Today the writ was ‘dropped’ and we are into official Election mode.
      Started with a walk at 8 am from Carole’s JB town house to her Blanshard St. campaign office with a bunch of rowdy folk with Carole James signs. I walked with Pippa beside her wheel chair for part of the walk and she asked about where you were and how you were doing.
      Lorne fell asleep in ‘ your’ chair at 5 pm exhausted. He and his sign crew put up almost all the signs they had early ‘orders’ for today. They will put up the extras as the orders come in.
      Tata for now U guys,
      Annie B

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