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Memories of the Seychelles

September 17, 2015

There is no doubt that we loved the Seychelles


However, the Seychelles would not be every sailors favourite island grouping. There are numerous reasons for this. First off,  in their winter season the water is not all that clear. The south-east trades blow in with force. The strength of the wind stirs up the sands and the SE swell sweeps around almost every headland and a lot of anchorages are either untenable or simply downright uncomfortable as one rolls from side to side and the boats surge forward with the swell causing the boats to get yanked back by the anchor chain.

So why did we enjoy ourselves so much? I think simply the timing was right. We had been moving constantly since leaving Thailand in January and we arrived in a place with a safe, quiet and convenient harbour for living onboard. The town of Victoria was small enough to get around on our bikes and offered most supplies if one dug around and deep enough. Victoria also had good market, albeit the fish choices were limited. And if one were looking for those special French cheeses, wine and duck confit they were all available at the specialty stores and at special prices.

But what I think really makes the islands of the Seychelles special is the kind of development that has occurred. Granted it’s a major tourist destination but the few large  and luxurious resorts are hidden away from sight. Most accommodation is made up of small ‘self-catering’ units. Many of these are located in someone’s backyard or they are clustered together 5-10 on a property. These self catering units are scattered all over the islands so one can choose a place closer to larger settlements or in more secluded areas. Although the focus in the Seychelles is on tourism it still feels accessible and is not an overloaded tourist economy.

The other part of the Seychelles we loved were the national parks with their great trails and vistas from on high overlooking gorgeous bays and beaches.

Marcia taking a trail break

Marcia taking a trail break

There is always a secluded beach to find with virtually no-one around. And at the end of some of the park trails there’s a shower to cool you down.

Ah, a fresh shower after a long hot walk

Ah, a fresh shower after a long hot walk

Of course, the people make a difference. With only a population of just over 100,000 there are people from all over Asia and Europe who have flocked to the Seychelles for work. There are a huge number of Italians and French and we met and saw many working construction and even policing who came from Nepal, Bangladesh, India.

But we love the kids

But we love the kids

Adieu Seychelles. Until another time.

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