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Make It Real

August 14, 2017

Monday morning 0700hrs. All night long from 2300hrs we’ve had soca blasting from the loudspeakers of various trucks parked only metres from Sage. Finally, 0430hrs we raise ourselves no longer able to sleep from the sounds and vibrations of the soca.

Ok at 0700hrs we venture over to see what it’s all about although we have been well prepared from reports from previous years.

Carnival is a celebration of end of harvest, i.e sugar cane, and emancipation hence chains being dragged along with some human form attached. When I say a human form it’s because everyone has been up all night dancing away and drinking and most humans are staggering along although still very animated.

What one can’t really see from my cell phone photos is that almost everyone is covered in used oil and paint.

And yes, they are looking worse for wear. They only have another 24 hours to go!

Daryl getting right into the spirit

Janet enjoying carnival time

Despite the excessive amount of alcohol being consumed and the masses of people all was very peaceful.

We’ve retreated to the boat. We can see and hear most everything from the boat so will kick back and watch the insanity!

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  1. Wayno permalink
    August 14, 2017 21:04

    What a party! Hopefully you are imbibing as is your habit. Participation counts amigo.

  2. Patrick permalink
    August 15, 2017 09:05

    Good warm up for the next brasilian carnaval? !…..hi hi hi!
    Thanks a lot, patrick.

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